An Auckland sanitiser company is now being used in the fight against the COVID-19 spread with their products proven to be effective against the killer virus.

Zoono products have recently gained EN standard accreditation proving Zoono kills COVID staying active for up to 30 days protection on surfaces and 24 hours on the skin.

As we settle into Alert Level one after successfully keeping COVID at bay, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, assures us that life will go back to normal – remaining cautious on the removal of border restrictions until the virus is completely stamped out.

Zoono products are proving to help medical facilities return to pre COVID times quickly and help restore patient confidence in the NZ healthcare system.

Because Zoono products are made of water, they have no health implications to humans ingesting this substance through touch or breathing-in. The ‘toxicity’ rating is similar to that of Vitamin C and has been approved for food contact and food packaging contact surfaces by NZ’s Ministry for Prime Industries.

This low toxicity has led the Kiwi company to be approached by many high-profile international companies representing Government facilities, Military, Airlines and Transportation providers, receiving up to 300 emails a day requesting their product.

These sanitising products are now being used by a long list of healthcare providers dentists, chiropractors, clinics and surgeries as first line defence.

“Our products are being used in the London Underground, yet local Councils here in NZ (responsible for public transport) haven’t expressed interest - despite our approaches,” said Chief Operating Officer of Zoono Products, Lew McKinnon.

Many Kiwis would like to see Zoono sprayed in New Zealand hospitals to reduce the spread of ongoing pathogens and see patients return to continue with their healthcare treatments .

While the Ministry of Health expected community transmissions of COVID to remain low throughout the pandemic, surgical procedures and screening programmes were put on hold to minimise the risk of exposure to frontline staff who were ready to deal with the pandemic.

Throughout all alert levels, patients with underlying health conditions and weakened immune systems remained nervous of the risk of transmission and stayed away from hospitals and healthcare providers meaning their continuity of care has been compromised.

Although provisions were put in place to ensure cancer treatment remained a priority for patients during lockdown, many found they were undergoing treatment alone with support partners banned from joining them to help reduce the spread of the virus.

An independent trial in the US in an Intensive Care Unit at a New Jersey hospital a few years ago showed Zoono’s Microbe Shield product reduced the number of pathogens by up to 30% after 7 days. While control rooms where standard routines were carried out showed an increase of 593-900%.

McKinnon explained the Hospital cleaners had no idea which rooms had been Zoono treated so there could be no ‘special’ treatment of any rooms. But the comparison of final results between the ‘Zoono treated’ rooms and the ‘non-treated’ rooms, was chalk and cheese.

“The trial was extensive – it was meticulously done and included the use of an independent microbiologist, swabs were handled and transported under chain of custody conditions, and everything was done under photographic survey,” said McKinnon.

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