Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust NZ has allocated funding for Telehealth services for bowel cancer patients bringing cancer rehabilitation directly into your home during the COVID-19 restrictions.

The cancer community has been deeply impacted by COVID-19 and the required isolation.

Due to the current strict measures in place, many have lost the vital social support and guidance from these sessions and are struggling as a result.

Many have had alterations to their treatment schedules and are no longer able to attend face to face rehab sessions with their PINC&STEEL Physiotherapists or attend group exercises classes which have become an integral part of their care plan.

Telehealth services, online consultations, and online classes are available to ensure patients are able to continue to get the support and advice they need.

The online consultations enable you to discuss your symptoms, questions and concerns with a cancer rehab therapist in the comfort of your own home, eliminating travel time and risk of infection by venturing outside.

Your Physio can assess, diagnosis and treat online. They will ask a series of questions about your symptoms (condition) and safely guide you through a series of tests and movements to diagnose your condition.

They can develop a personalised recovery plan and show you what you can do to help manage your symptoms. This may also include how other people you live with can help and support you with your rehab.

It is a vital way to continue with your rehab and not lose the gains you have made. Your Physio can check you are doing your exercises correctly and progress them. This is so important from a physical and mental health point of view.

Physical impairments that might be relatively easily addressed if detected early can become very difficult to treat and costly if they have progressed over weeks and months. Therefore, it is important if you are worried about something, you make use of our Telehealth services.

If you are already receiving bowel cancer rehabilitation through our rehab programme, contact your local Pinc&Steel cancer rehab therapist for more information about Telehealth rehab.

If you are a new patient and would like to use our Telehealth services for bowel cancer rehabilitation, contact us here.