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Scroll down to view our bowel products from our trusted business partners to look after your bowel health. ​We will only offer products we have tried and tested and have negotiated some amazing discounts on your behalf to make looking after yourself more affordable.​ Take comfort in the knowledge that each  company has pledged to support our charity and help with our administration costs to help us make a difference. 


Probiotics - Good health starts with a healthy digestive system

Our CEO, Georgina Mason, swears by Vivomixx high potency 450 billion bacteria probiotics to keep her pouchitis at bay.


She has had her large bowel removed due to ulcerative colitis and suffers from pouchitis which can be quite often debilitating.


Pouchitis is a disruption of bacteria in the internal pouch which is created by surgeons in replacement of the large bowel.


Many bowel cancer patients have some or all of their large bowel removed and continue to suffer from on going gut issues such as this.


Many other inflammatory bowel conditions such as ulcerative colitis, crohns disease and coeliac disease cause an irritation of the lining of the small and large bowel and can be pre cursors to bowel cancer later in life if left untreated.


Vivomixx probiotics help to keep the gut flora at a level where gut issues are manageable on an ongoing basis without the use of antibiotics.


Vivomixx was developed over 30 years ago by Professor Claudio De Simone, a well respected Medical Doctor and Professor of Infectious Diseases and Immunology and a member of the American College of gastroenterology. Vivomixx has the scientific backing of 60 successful studies from around the world showing Vivomixx actually works to control inflammatory gut conditions and is safe to use.

Vivomixx needs to be kept in the fridge and comes in either sachets or capsules and are a daily use product for both adults and children. It does not contain preservatives or sweeteners and is gluten free.

Click on the Buy Now button under each picture for more information on the product. The link will take you to a New Zealand family owned and operated company called My Natural Health, an online health store who are a great supporter of our charity.


If you choose to buy the product please use the My Natural Health purchasing page you are sent to as they will ship the product to you in temperature controlled conditions as is required to keep the bacteria healthy.


Remember to use the discount code: BCFT and put it in the Coupon or voucher box which is found when you add your shipping details at the top of the page and looks like this...




The BCFT discount code will ensure you get up to 10% discount on every packet purchased, depending on the volume purchased. 

Professor Claudio De Simone, Medical Doctor and Professor of Infectious Diseases, Inventor of Vivomixx.


  • ★★★★★

       "I suffer from colitis and have been     

        taking vivomixx for a few months now.

        This product has helped me avoid

        pouchitis (a disruption of bacteria in a          pouch that was created for me after   

        having my colon removed ) which can          be debilitating and require antibiotics.          I highly recommend this product for   

        good bowel health with or without a 


        Georgina Randall - September 2017

  • ★★★★★

    "I also have used this to avoid pouchitis and have not had to have antibiotics now for 12 months. Previously I had to take them about every 2 months. I wish this was subsidised and not the antibiotics!"

       Julie Coleman - May 2018

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Good health starts with a healthy digestive system.

Prebiotic Plant Protein - Food source to support a healthy immune system



  • “We were put on to Tashi Superfood Plant Protein by a friend. We were looking for something to add to our morning cereals and smoothies to give us some added protein and “staying power”. We have tried the Tashi Vanilla and are currently using the Berry flavour – both are delicious! We are finding that we aren’t looking around for snacks mid-morning now, which is great! It has also significantly improved our gut health, this is a real bonus for both of us.”


    Marie & Richard – June 2017

  • ★★★★★

    ‘Tashi would definitely be my favourite plant based protein drink. Not only is it delicious but is 98% digestible! It contains enzymes from kiwifruit ,probiotics, prebiotics and soluble fibre which support gut and bowel health. This wonderful food also aids energy, lean muscle maintenance, growth and repair and helps weight management. Make a delicious smoothie to start the day or to give an energy boost in the afternoon. Try the berry flavour – its packed with NZ Blackcurrants for potent antioxidant support! And of course it can used in baking, protein bars etc…. It is gluten and dairy free and suitable for people with allergies.’


    Caroline D – Naturopath – Feb 2017

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Tashi aids the support of gut health and was developed by a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist with over 40 years experience in the Natural Health sector.


Made in New Zealand, Tashi only uses enzymes from New Zealand sourced Kiwi Fruit to aid digestion and reduce stomach discomfort and supports regular bowel habits.

Tashi is a clean, plant based protein and is 98% digestible with probiotics added to strengthen digestion, reduce gas and bloating, increase nutrient absorption and helps build a strong immune system. It has been designed specifically to help those with food allergies and intolerances and an excellent protein source for athletes.


Tashi also includes Prebiotics to support optimal gut and bowel health, and provide an excellent food source for good bacteria in the gut. 

Tashi incorporates plant protein which can help stabilise blood glucose levels and soluble fibre  and can also help weight control making us feel fuller for longer and help with the management of diseases such as diabetes and some cancers.

Tashi is a rich vegan source of COMPLETE protein and includes all 9 essential amino acids which support muscle and growth repair.

Tashi has been designed to provide essential nutrients to help nourish, rebuild, & nurture the body back to a state of harmony & good health.


It does not contain any gluten, dairy, soy or GMOs.


It will care for your tummy, is excellent for those who have food allergies & intolerances, is ideal for vegans, athletes and is also suitable for all ages.

Click on the Buy Now button under the picture for more information on each of the four amazing flavours Tashi comes in 


Each come in either 375g or 750g tubs.


The link will take you to the New Zealand owned and operated company called Tashi Superfood who are great supporters of our charity.


If you choose to buy any of the products please use the Tashi purchasing page as they will ship the product to you directly Free of Charge throughout New Zealand only.


Remember to use the code: BCFT and put it in the Coupon or voucher box which looks like this...


This will ensure you pay the wholesale price which can be a discount of up to $5 on every 375g tub and up to $10 on every 750g tub purchased. 

“We believe gut health is where it all begins… you are what you eat to an extent, but you truly are what you absorb, & if your gut health is compromised, so is your ability to process, absorb & utilise essential nutrients.” - Gary Furniss, Tashi Founder.

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Frankincense - helping fight inflammation


Frankincense oil comes from the resin of the Boswellia tree and helps speed up wound heeling, controls bleeding, improves uterine and oral health as well as fights inflammation.


It’s this inflammatory effect that has researchers excited.


The National Centre for Complimentary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) studied patients with osteoarthritis and found they had better pain relief than those who used a placebo.


Long term inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, bronchial asthma, Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis can lead to health issues that can be reduced by the use of Frankincense.


It’s long term inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s and Colitis that can lead to bowel cancer if left untreated.

Frankincense contains boswellic acid that fights inflammation by targeting free radicals and cytokins in the body responsible for inflammation.

Currently Frankincense is available in New Zealand as an essential oilcapsules, a tincture or Boswellia Serrata Extract as a supplement powder.

Essential oil should never be ingested but dilute with a carrier such as almond oil and apply to the skin.


Frankincense extract can be swallowed but some side effects may be noted when used in conjunction with some other drugs. These can include stomach pain, nausea and diarrhoea.


We recommend talking through this treatment with your doctor or oncologist to see if Frankincense is right for you as a supplement to on going medical treatment.

Good health starts with a healthy digestive system.

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