Corporate Giving

We can't achieve what we do each year without the support of you, our NZ business community.

Whether it be through corporate donations, holding fundraising events or offering employees as volunteers, more and more New Zealand companies are committing to Corporate Philanthropy. 

Your corporate donation or fundraising event will directly help us to ...

  • Give peace of mind and provide screening to those who do not qualify for free public screening to detect bowel cancer early and save lives. 

  • Keep families together for a little longer with unfunded treatments that are proven to reduce tumours. 

  • Organise and pay for rehabilitation for bowel cancer patients after grueling treatment helping to reduce cancer re-occurrence. 

  • Fund vital research helping to provide better patient outcomes. 


#Corporate Giving

How your business can help us

Interactive Corporate Days


Our Corporate Days are great opportunities for employees to have informal chats with our CEO who will attend for a few hours at your place of work.


We bring with us:

  • A pull up banner to educate on symptoms 

  • Free bowel screening kits (Valued at $65 each)

  • Rehabilitation vouchers for those in need

  • Educational pamphlets

  • 'Making a difference together' stickers

  • Mobile Eftpos Machine for individual donations


All we need is:

  • Table

  • Chair

  • Power Point

  • Nominated area (I.e. reception/lobby)

  • Employees to wear yellow/black (our charity colours - optional)

Helping to answer the questions around Bowel cancer and create awareness of New Zealand’s most diagnosed cancer down at Smales Farm, Business Centre in Auckland. So humbled by the stories of brothers, sons uncles and Aunties. Thank you to everyone at Smales Farm for supporting us.


Yellow Ribbon Morning Tea

All monies raised will be donated to Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust

Host a yellow ribbon morning tea

Good food brings people together...


One of the easiest ways for employees to get involved in fundraising is to host a morning tea. 

Employers can either purchase morning tea for their employees in exchange for a donation to our charity, or employees can bring a plate of food for others to enjoy.

Mix finger foods, sandwiches, gourmet wraps, hot and cold platters, fruit and cheese, to create a sumptuous array of beautiful heathy foods to avoid that afternoon sugar crash.

Surprise everyone by serving not only traditional tea, but a range of iced and flavoured teas as well. 

Go to our donation page and send your donation securely online, or contact us for other options.

Matching gift Programmes


Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust is an approved donee organisation with the Inland Revenue Department.

This means you and your employee can donate to our organisation via Payroll Giving. Contact us directly for bank details.


Employees can nominate any amount they wish and are eligible for a 33.33% tax credit towards their PAYE.

Click here to find out more from the IRD.

Your business can match employee donations to our charity, doubling our ability to make an impact in the community.

Your business will then be eligible for a 33.33% tax credit towards your PAYE.

Most firms match employee charitable contributions at a 1:1 ratio, with some giving triple or quadruple donations.


Apple and Spark are some of the many companies that match employee donations, contributing millions of dollars to charities throughout New Zealand and the world.


Corporate Volunteers

We always need volunteers to collect donations on our behalf. You can allow your employees to volunteer their time to help us raise vital funds to keep our work going within your local community.

We will provide your volunteers with:

  • Fliers

  • Collection Buckets

  • 'Making a difference' stickers

Go to our donation page and send your donation securely online, or contact us for other options.


Bowel Cancer Stats in New Zealand

Bowel Cancer is the most diagnosed cancer here in New Zealand with more than 3000 diagnosed every year and 1200 people dying from it.


  • Approx. 45% of these people are of working age.

  • Men are at slightly higher risk than women.

  • Up to 90% can be prevented if we catch it early enough. 

  • The Governments Free National bowel screening programme only helps those between the ages of 60-74 years old.

  • The National Screening Programme is only available in 8/20 DHB's currently​.

  • Rehabilitation during and after cancer treatment can help prevent up to 28% secondary cancer re-occurrence.

  • Rehabilitation can also reduce secondary illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

Together we can make a difference

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