Nurse Endoscopy Scholarship 

Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust are now supporting New Zealand nurses to gain the necessary Nurse Endoscopy post graduate pre-requisite papers and help reduce the shortage of trained endoscopy nurses in the workforce.


“We understand the challenges nurses face today and would like to help ease the burden by providing funding directly to Universities for nurses around the whole of New Zealand to up skill and progress in this field,” said Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust CEO, Georgina Mason.


In 2016, the first four nurses began training as nurse endoscopists, with academic papers at the University of Auckland and practical training at their home district health boards (DHBs). Papers were not being offered in 2017, as there are not enough nurses who meet the entry criteria.


“It makes sense to direct our fundraising to help remove this blockage and to support a pipeline of nurses training as endoscopists,” Said Mason.


“Our charity has always been dedicated to reduce the colonoscopy waiting list and ensure we have an adequate workforce development programme. The more endoscopy nurses there are to perform these procedures, the more lives will be saved.”


With bowel cancer now being the most diagnosed cancer in New Zealand and with the screening programme roll out now delayed until 2020 in some DHB's, more bowel cancers are likely to be detected. Early access to colonoscopy for those who have tested positive will be essential including a workforce to support it.


A nurse to receive this scholarship will require support from their employing District Health Board that they are on a career trajectory to Nurse Endoscopy and be supported by the DHB for employment as a Nurse Endoscopist once their training is completed.


“This is very exciting and will ensure nurses can prepare for training if DHBs are not able to cover these papers through Health Workforce New Zealand funding,” said Northern Cancer Network project manager Jacky Watkins, co-ordinator of the University of Auckland nurse endoscopy course.


Nurses wanting to apply for a scholarship should contact Georgina Mason directly for a nurse endoscopy scholarship application form on:


For course information, email Jacky Watkins


CC number:


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