Cancer rehabilitation for women and men.

This voucher is issued by our team who work alongside Pinc and Steel's fully qualified cancer care rehabilitation physiotherapists all over New Zealand to support, guide and rehabilitate bowel cancer patients through every stage of their treatment and recovery.

Cancer Rehabilitation Gift Voucher

  • You can gift this voucher to a friend or gift to an anonymous patient. 


    All vouchers can be redeemed through a Pinc and Steel cancer care rehabilitation physiotherapist or returned to:


    Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust  

    73h Park Rise,

    Campbells Bay,

    Auckland 0630


    with the patient details attached.


    We will then work with the patient and Pinc and Steel to get them on a rehabilitation programme designed specifically for their individual needs, nearest to their home.


    For extra information contact us at:

  • Vouchers are sent by post free of charge

CC number:


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