About the Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust

Bowel Cancer Foundation is a disruptive digital charity set up by our CEO/Founder, Georgina Mason in 2013.

We are a not for profit organisation that helps all bowel cancer patients with screening, treatment and rehabilitation in New Zealand only.

We rely on the generous donations from the public, corporate partnerships and events to help with our work.

Because we are a digital charity we have low overhead costs.

Together we can make a difference

Our Mission

It is our mission to help anyone who asks for support with screening, treatment and rehabilitation for bowel cancer.

Bowel Cancer Screening:

You can be any age to use a home bowel screening kit. If your DHB refuses to recognise required follow up screening, we can help you organise a follow up colonoscopy.

Bowel Cancer Treatment:

We put patients in touch with professional oncologists who specialise in unfunded immunotherapy treatments.

Bowel Cancer Rehabilitation:

We help bowel cancer patients to get rehabilitation during and after treatment with our charity partner Pinc & Steel.

Bowel Cancer Research:

We partner with a number of leading clinicians, institutions and academics across New Zealand to help with research in to:

  •  Earlier screening of patients

  •  Help develop new and more effective treatments for bowel cancer

  •  Ensure patients get rehabilitated in the most effective way


improving outcomes to all bowel cancer patients across the country.

Our Achievements 

With your support we have been able to help support hundreds of Kiwis through screening, treatment and rehabilitation.


We have also helped guide families when they have felt left in the dark and ill informed as to what is available here in New Zealand for their loved ones.

When they feel the system has left them down, they come to us. We help make a difference to everyone, one person at a time.

Bowel Cancer Screening:

We have given out hundreds of bowel screening kits and followed through to provide colonoscopies for those who did not qualify for one through their local DHB.

Bowel Cancer Treatment:

We have put patients in touch with professional oncologists who specialise in unfunded immunotherapy treatments and in some instances have paid for rounds of treatment.

Bowel Cancer Rehabilitation:

This is by far our most requested service. We are currently working with members of parliament to change the patient pathway to include rehabilitation for all bowel cancer patients as a service offered by DHB's and not privately as it is currently. 

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