Maintain a healthy body weight:

Jump on the scales daily to monitor your weight. Obesity is a contributory cause of bowel cancer. Childhood obesity also increases the risk of bowel cancer later in life.

Take regular exercise:

A sedentary lifestyle is also a contributory cause of bowel cancer. A minimum of 30 minutes a day of light to moderate exercise will keep your family healthier and on the right track.

Eating a diet rich in whole grains, cereals, fruit and vegetables:

These foods are easier to digest in the gut and are rich in fibre. Vegetables such as broccoli have cancer-fighting properties.

Reduce intake of fats, salt and sugars:

Bowel Cancer is often referred to as the “Food Cancer.” Everything you eat passes over the lining of your digestive tract and is saturated by chemicals in your food. The food has a direct impact on the health of the tissue it touches as it passes through.

Stop smoking:

Women smokers have a 19% increased risk of developing Bowel Cancer and men 8%.

Drink alcohol in moderation:

Gut bacteria can convert alcohol into a chemical that is known to cause cancer. A couple of drinks a week is ok. Every day drinking will lead to problems.

Screen yourself:

If you or other family members have a history of Bowel Cancer, talk to your GP now regardless of your age. If you are aged 50+ regular screenings can help save your life. Up to 90% of Bowel cancer is preventable if detected early enough.