In the world of sport, science and medicine New Zealand often surpasses other countries but we are falling behind in the management of bowel cancer, says the writer of this months article in M2 Magazine.

The popular NZ men's lifestyle magazine spoke to CEO and Founder of Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust, Georgina Mason, to help men get over their "she'll be right" attitude to screening for the disease and writes "that just doesn't cut it anymore."

Bowel Cancer is New Zealand's second-largest cancer killer with men now being slightly more at risk than women.

"Awareness is one of the main barriers to successfully catching and curing this type of cancer," says the writer at M2.

"Men tend not to discuss health issues among themselves. Which is a shame as other men are exactly who they would listen to the most."

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With special thanks to Andre Rowell, Editor at M2 Magazine for his continued support of Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust.