We're always humbled when receiving words of encouragement to continue doing what we set out to do almost seven years ago. This partial letter below reminds us that we continue to head in the right direction and are helping the people that matter.
Good afternoon Georgina,
I email you in a reflective capacity and thank you for your insights into your work the other day. Your words hit home with me. On a sad note my uncle succumbed to his bowel cancer last week, he passed at the young age of 68, mainly due to the complications. Nonetheless, I thought it important to write to you to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing, and I trust my meagre donation landed in the right home.
Anyway, I am reaching out to put you on notice that I do not expect you to ever give up.
Of course, I say this with best intentions at heart.
Et te Rangatira, kia kaha, e tu tangata, e tu tangata ho!
Rohan Bignell

If you or anyone you know needs help with bowel cancer screening, rehabilitation or anything else, please contact our CEO (click here).