Over 100 people packed into the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron last month to farewell Dr Tom Mullholland as he prepares to set sail around New Zealand helping improve the health of NZ Maritime workers with his HOPP tour starting today.

Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust was proud to donate nearly $10,000 worth of product including 50 x bowel screening kits to help detect bowel cancer early and save lives.

“We have been following Dr Tom’s work for a number of years now and are proud to partner with him on his latest mission to help improve the health of maritime workers and promote bowel health,” said CEO of Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust, Georgina Mason.

In addition, the charity has also donated vouchers to help rehabilitate bowel cancer patients through their charity partner Pinc and Steel Rehabilitation Programme, helping to get patients back into the workforce quickly and reduce the financial strain on families and the community.

Tom and his team will be circumnavigating NZ in their 12m catamaran measuring wellness through health checks, speaking engagements, and running Healthy Thinking® workshops for the next 5 months.

“I was asked recently do I get my boat out much I said, no I am touring New Zealand too much in my ambulance doing house calls to remote communities. So, the penny dropped a few months ago why not get someone else to drive the ambulance and I follow in my boat.

“I am fortunate enough to have other partners such as Yachting NZ and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron helping me out and some good friends and salty seadogs who are experienced to look after my boat and my own wellbeing,” he said.

A published author and contributory writer for stuff.co.nz, Dr Tom Mulholland left Auckland City Hospital recently to prepare for the trip after 30 years working in Emergency Departments.

“Time to see where the wind takes me and spend more time being the ambulance at the top of the cliff,” he said.

Dr Tom Mulholland is an Emergency Department Doctor and GP with more than 30 years' experience in New Zealand. At the time of writing, he is on a mission, tackling health matters around the world. If you would like the HOPP team to visit your community or business, contact Dr Tom on a Mission here.