Lakes District Health Board is the 8th DHB to roll out the free National Bowel Screening programme, 3 months later than first predicted.

Rotorua, Cambridge and Taupo residents between the ages of 60-74 will receive potentially life-saving home bowel screening kits from their DHB.

The screening can help save up to 90% of people who present with early-stage bowel cancer, some of who may not exhibit any symptoms at all.

Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust urges anyone who receives a free kit to participate in the screening to help monitor their bowel health.

Lakes DHB is 8th out of 20 DHB's across NZ to roll out the free bowel screening programme with Whanganui and Mid Central DHB's on track to join them in June later this year.

If your DHB has yet to roll out the free screening programme or you are not between 60-74 years old but would like to check your bowel health, contact us for a free screening kit here.