Where are my donations going?

100% of your donation goes to the area you choose to help.

The question of where does the donation money go is always something we are excited to answer. To provide a detailed explanation as to where donation income goes, head to our "How we help" section of the site.

Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust prides itself on donation-transparency and more importantly, keeping an extremely low-cost base which is covered by private donors so 100% of your donation income goes where it's intended: too positively impact lives. We are not funded by the NZ government.

For those of you looking for a high-level summary, below is where we focus the donation income...

#1. Provide screening to those who do not qualify for free public screening to detect bowel cancer early and save lives. Develop a an early stage screening research trial using medical detection dogs to sniff bowel cancer in urine.

Click here to read more about our Bowel Screening Programme/research trial.

#2. Keeping families together for a little longer through the investment of immunotherapy treatments that reduce tumours.

Click here to read more about our investment in Immunotherapy.

Click here to see the impact we have made: Read Jack's story.

#3. Organise and pay for rehabilitation for bowel cancer patients after gruelling treatments, in the efforts to reduce cancer recurrence.

Click here to read more about our investment in Rehabilitation.

#4. Funding vital research into providing better patient outcomes.

Click here to learn more about the multiple research programmes currently underway which are being funded by Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust.

How much do I donate?

You can donate as much as or as little as you like in a one-off payment or a monthly donation to help us continue our work throughout the year.

If you have a specific requirement as to how you would like your money spent, email Georgina Mason (CEO) on georgina@bowelcancerfoundation.org.nz.

Charity Achievements

Key milestones reached by Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust


Dollars distributed in the last 12 months to fund research and provide equity of care and better patient outcomes


Bowel cancer survivors rehabilitated after gruelling treatment helping to reduce cancer re-occurrence


Bowel screening kits provided to Kiwi’s who do not qualify for free public screening to detect bowel cancer early


Years we've been making a difference for bowel cancer patients in New Zealand